Crystal Nested Bowls


New product for 2020 A textured & nested crystal-wax candle. A ceramic insert fits snugly into the bowl and a candle then fits into the insert. The candle is replaceable. (2 candles included with each bowl).



New product for 2020. A textured & nested crystal-wax candle. A ceramic insert fits snugly into the crystal-wax bowl and a candle then fits into the insert (the candle is replaceable). Available in large or small sizes, (large 28cm / 12 inch or small 20cm / 8 inch wide), our large bowls are multiwick. A range of colourway combinations, including white, makes these stylish candles perfect for your interior decor project.

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white + autumn gold, white + green, white + lavender, white + terracotta, autumn gold, black, green, lavender, terracotta


large, small

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multiwick refill, single wick refill