Scented Multiwicks


Size: 6″ x 6″ (15cm x 15cm)


Silkmoth Range. Frankincense or Mulled Wine are some of the choices in these weighty, centrepiece candles. As with all our scented range, every care is taken to deliver a full scent experience and to produce a room-filling aroma.

To do so it’s essential to maximise the scent, the delicate top, warm middle and rich bottom notes.  Also to minimise any acrid burn taint. In the making of the Silkmoth range, we focus on one goal – protect the scent. Small batch production, low temperature mixing of scent and wax, prompt transfer into moulds – all ensure that all elements of the scent are fully captured in the candle – no loss of volatile top notes, reduction by exposure or loss in storage.

Different, built-in features of the Silkmoth candles now help to deliver the aroma; a large candle surface area, a lowered, gentler melt-point, a wide, warm, not too hot wax pool and a steady, still flame. All work together to optimise the performance of the scented pillar and the enjoyment of the user.

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frankincense, mulled wine